ABNH May Challenge: Watercolor

A Blog Named Hero May Challenge: Watercolor


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Good morning friends and welcome to another challenge! Watercolor is another one of my favorites - it is so beautiful, and also a big unpredictable haha. So if you're feeling overwhelmed or unsure what to do with it, the funnest way to play with watercolor and have no worries is to just play with it and put it on backgrounds, which is what I did for my two cards today. I'm featuring the Good Puns stamp set, which is just the best. 

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For my first card, I just picked colors I knew would look great together: those classic sunset colors. I put them down in sunset order but let them overlap, and added water to let them mix in new ways. Feel free to experiment with how much layering you do, just know that too much and the colors start to lose definition or become muddled. 

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I put the waffles and the hearts in a lined up pattern across my background, and cut it down to leave some white space. I added some black lines in a black pen to add some visual structure to our card, added some jewels and sentiment, and we are done!

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The second card is very similar except that I used a small acrylic block to smoosh distress ink and added lots of water and "stamped" it down in an overlapping pattern. I loved the results of this! For this more organic background, I decided to put my donuts randomly on the background with no fixed pattern and I love the look of this too! I added the same finishing details as the other card, and we are all set! 

ABNH May Challenge Photo 2 complete.jpg

I hope you play with some watercolor this month - whether you are an expert or not! I definitely will be making more. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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