Hello! My name is Meghan Peterson, and welcome to my blog! I made my first card at age 3, and would deliver cards to my friends via tricycle or slip them under my parents' door. In Junior High I started buying art supplies meant specifically for cards and became entranced. But it wasn't until last year when I created my Instagram account (@periwinklestudio) with the idea of documenting my art projects and following creative people, that I think my card-making has grown to where it is today - and I hope to keep growing!

My Instagram account and blog name are named for the periwinkle walls in my childhood bedroom, where I would spend hours making cards on the floor, so in a sense, it was my art studio!

A little about me:

- 90's baby, uber girly-girl, born and raised in southern California to great parents (the ocean makes me feel at peace!)

- decided to go to college in Washington so I could experience real seasons - and I love them!! I majored in English, minored in Economics and took every Education class offered

- met my current boyfriend at college, and we are currently living in Oregon while he goes to law school. We've been dating for over 4 years and he is seriously the best ever

- I love cats and dogs equally, but have only ever had cats. Currently my two cats live at my parents' house (Violet and Stella Luna) who I miss a lot. I hope some day to have a big yard so I can get dogs!

- my friends and family are my world. I am so grateful for all the wonderful people in my life. I believe love, light, truth and kindness are the purpose of my life.