1.     What type of content do you post?

I post mostly tutorials/project ideas and some product close-ups for card-making and flipbooks/pocket letters. Sometimes I will post about mixed media or journaling projects, so let me know if you would like to see less or more of those!

This may fluctuate or evolve over time, but as of right now, those two types of projects are my focus. Again, let me know what types of tutorials or project types you end up liking the most!

2.     How often do you post?

As of right now, I do not have a set schedule of postings. I will post at least once per week, most likely a tutorial or project description.

As I discover what works best for me and for you, I will hone my postings, and hopefully have a set schedule per week of what type of project you can expect.

3.     Are you sponsored or do you work for any companies?

At this point, I am not well known enough to work for any specific companies. However, if the time ever comes where I am, anything I post, or products I use will not be because I was sponsored to post about them but because I personally enjoy using them and believe they are good quality, even if the products were given to me. There are some amazing companies in this industry that I would be happy to work for, and I will let you know if I am ever fortunate enough to join any design teams. However, anytime I post for that company, I will clearly state that it is for a certain company. But again, the products and ideas I share will only be shared because I personally enjoy them. I will keep updating this section with any relevant changes you should know about.

4.     Can I be your pen-pal?

I started making flipbooks and pocket letters in the Spring of 2016 and never looked back. I have loved the new friends and pen-friends I’ve made through people who love making these things too via mostly Instagram (and a few friends I already had!).

That being said, I can only take on a certain number of pen pals. And because we put so much time into these projects, and for it to be enjoyable for both people, our styles and effort need to match (but not like match like we have the same favorite color!). If you ask to be my pen-pal either DM on Instagram or by emailing me, in order for me to seriously consider us to be a good match, I’ll want to know a bit about you and see what type of happy-mail you do and know how often you want to send each other stuff, etc.

Please don’t be offended if I can’t take you on right now – sometimes I just have too many penpals already to take on anyone even if I think we’d be a good match! If I can’t take you on right now but love your style, I’ll keep your name on a list, so that if I have time to take you on, I’ll let you know first!

Thanks so much for your understanding.

5.     Do you have blog subscriptions and how do they work?

I do not have any at this point, and when I do, I will update here!

6.     How will I know what products you’re using?

I will do my best to list each specific product I use, including brand name and product name. Any links I provide are not affiliate links at this point, so please feel no obligation to use any links on my blog because it won’t be any different than if you just went to the website itself. It’s just there right now for your convenience. I will let you know when/if this changes!

7.     What are you rules on re-posting your cards or tutorials?

If you would like to re-post a photo or project or tutorial from either my blog or Instagram, make sure to credit me and link to either my Instagram account or blog. If you have made something heavily based on a tutorial of mine or on a project I’ve shared, please credit me. I love that this community usually gives credit to their inspiration and ideas if it is based a lot on someone else’s work, and I hope that we can all keep it that way.

8.     Do you get involved in any Charity Card Drives?

I love Charity Card Drives. They’re a great way to make the day of someone who is less fortunate a little brighter without having to necessarily donate money. And of course, it comes with the joy of making cards! Any that I hear about and like or submit to I’ll try to post briefly about here as well so you can join in if you would like! And sometimes I’ll have tutorials where I make cards specifically for certain card drives, and then I’ll include or link to specific info about it.